Welcome to ProSpect Pharma


ProSpect Pharma develops, markets and uses advanced technologies and products for the Life Science industries, particularly those related to drug design, vaccine development and metabolic studies. ProSpect's technologies enable the visualization of molecules of the human body with a much higher resolution than competing techniques. They therefore have the potential to increase dramatically the efficiency of drug design processes; particularly those relating to membrane bound proteins including G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). These are high value drug systems - the worldwide market for drugs targeted at GPCRs is approx $35 bn per year.

ProSpect's core technologies are based on biological materials, principally proteins, amino acids and nucleic acids, which are "labeled" in specific locations with the stable isotopes such as carbon 13, nitrogen 15 and deuterium, and then analyzed by proprietary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methods. These materials are generated and analyzed by a series of proprietary chemical, biological and physical processes, and are protected by issued US and European patents. The data sets generated by these materials have resolution and sensitivity many times greater than those produced by conventional methods.

ProSpect's technologies can be used either by, or in collaboration with, third parties or with investment for in-house drug design programs. The main programs currently active are in the fields of GPCRs, visualisation of key parts of the HIV-1 genome and analysis of materials for biodefense.

ProSpect also markets reagent products which are rare or unobtainable elsewhere to NMR groups worldwide. These include specifically labeled nucleoside triphosphates, amino acids and growth media for various cell types.